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through the wild NOrient
sıla yolu
replaying home
ve geldik
welcome to my paradise!
the tiger comes to wedding
the fat dictionary

the tiger comes to wedding

picture book
Idea und Illustrations: Can Sungu and Malve Lippmann
Verses: Jenny Erpenbeck 

The tiger lives in Wedding. Or he had lived there sometime. If you come from outside of Wedding, you may not see the tiger straightaway. To get know the tiger in Wedding, you need some time. But if the tiger shows himself once, everything gets tigerized. The tiger wraps up the Wedding.

We strolled through Wedding and walked down the streets, which we have not been before. We visited the shops to get know new people and we chatted a lot with them. The Weddingers, which have born in Wedding; the Weddingers, which have been Weddingers later and the Weddingers, which don’t like to be a Weddinger very much. The German Weddingers, the Turkish Weddingers, the German-Turkish Weddingers, the African Weddingers, the Arabic Weddingers, the Vietnamese Weddingers. Back and forth and up and down in Wedding we also saw the tiger. The tiger on the bed linens, scarfs, underwears, miniskirts, jackets, headscarfs, sweatshirts, t-shirts, stockings, belts, shoes, exercise books, pens, alarm clocks, plastic bags, armchairs, couches, lamps, beer bottles, headache balsam cans, snack packages, in hair salons, furniture shops, restaurants, boutiques, bookstores, penny shops, diners, afro-shops and internet cafes.

What is the tiger doing in Wedding? Why did the tiger come to Wedding?
We investigated and we told the story of the tiger in a picture book: The tiger lives free and wild in the jungles of Africa. Due to the invasion of western civilization his habitat is destroyed. The tiger decides to immigrate to Europe. After he gets a rejection to his application for a German visa, there is no other option left to him: He has to travel illegally. Though to be an immigrant in Berlin is cumbersome and painful. Here the tiger can only survive, if he accepts the rules of industrial world and transforms himself into a tiger pattern. He can’t be himself anymore. Finally he is tired of fulfilling the requirements of the civilization. He is tired of hiding out, too. His life sadly ends up in a zoo of a foreign country. Hence he knows that there is no return. He will no longer be the tiger in the jungle anymore, so free and wild.

For more information: www.tigerimwedding.de