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through the wild NOrient
sıla yolu
replaying home
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sıla yolu

video installation
w/ Malve Lippmann

Sıla yolu, holiday route, death road - the former Europastraße 5 (E5) has many names. Since the 1960s the transit route has been used by the Turkish as a main link between Western Europe and Turkey. The "Gastarbeiterroute" is still an important route for holidayers, commuters and the new immigrant groups. One can consider the route, whether East or West, as something like a conglomeration of memories of home(s), mingling and oscillations of what has been, as well as hopes for the future. The past and the future of this route means that the transit area of ​​the motorway is a particularly interesting mixture of human emotions, wishes and unexpected (marginal) displacements.

The focus of the exhibition SILA YOLU - The Holiday Transit to Turkey and The Tales of the Highway is the individual and collective search for a way, the discovery of destinations and starting points, the process of travel and the display of expectations, fantasies, memories and artefacts. The exhibition is not only concerned with the physical path between two places, but also with the complex emotional space in which the concepts of culture, identity and community oscillate rapidly.

Exhibition Berlin: 24.09. - 09.10.2016
in ZK/U, bi'bak, Prinzesinnengärten, Galerie Wedding, himmelbeet
Preview: 22.0.2016, ZK/U
Opening: 23.09.2016, bi'bak

Exhibition Istanbul: 04.03. - 02.04.2017
DEPO, Istanbul
Opening: 03.03.2017

For more information please visit: silayolu.bi-bak.de

In cooperation with DOMiD – Documentation Center and Museum of Migration in Germany and DEPO
Funded by Fonds Soziokultur, Goethe Institute Istanbul and Cultural Office of Berlin Senate