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through the wild NOrient
sıla yolu
replaying home
ve geldik
welcome to my paradise!
the tiger comes to wedding
the fat dictionary

replaying home

video installation

In the early 1980s, video recorders had become widespread in Germany and in a very short time they were also well accepted by many Turkish immigrants there. The lack of sufficient German language skills, as well as the fact that the content of German television broadcasting was not targeting the Turkish audience at all, led Turkish immigrants increasingly to rent videotapes. The video nights were a sort of social event including neighbours and family. Watching videos was accepted as a pleasant and family-friendly alternative to going out and getting attached to German-dominated cultural life. A lot of Turkish video companies opened up in Germany and imported movies to transfer them on videotapes. Some of these companies also produced low-budget video movies targeting the Turkish audience in Germany. Due to digital revolution, these companies were not able compete against digital TV and online videos and closed one after another. Some of the movies which were only released on videotapes, are now in danger of disappearing forever.

The installation Replaying Home recreates the “video corner” in the living room of an anonymous Turkish family and presents therein a video collage including selected cuts from these Turkish movies shot in Germany during the 1970s and 1980s. Replaying Home invites on a journey through a fictive universe based on stereotypes, culture shock, Occidentalism, homesickness and the traumas of migrant life.

More about the work you can read here

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